Fedex Telephone Number

With worries of Brexit floating about, you may be curious about how your shipping needs will be handled. FedEx has many tools on their website: FedEx… They can also be reached directly at the FedEx Customer Service Contact Number: 03456 00 00 68. If you are located outside of the UK please dial: +44 24 76 706 660 The Fedex team is available via telephone between 8:00am and 18:00pm Monday to Friday and Saturdays between the hours of 8:00am to 12:00pm.

There are many solutions to your business’s, logistical needs including plans for both deal and no deal Brexit outcomes. Learn how you can ship to more areas, fast track through borders, and even expand your business during this uncertain time. Fedex is ready to show uou how to prepare for both Deal and No Deal scenarios. Important concerns such as: how to register for an EORI number, and even download a checklist to assure your business is ready for the transition no matter the outcome.

Fedex has been a constant and reliable source for shipping since its inception, when Fredrick W. Smith was just an undergraduate student in 1965; his extraordinary idea for shipping items rapidly via airplanes received an average grade at Yale. Six years later in 1971 he started the business and never looked back. With the newly acquired TNT (2016) by FedEx there are now 117 years of combined shipping and logistical experience at your service. FedEx branched out and entered the Europe in 1984, providing fast, efficient and safe delivery overseas. The European market grew quickly due to the demand for reliable delivery of time sensitive materials for various businesses. FedEx serves a multitude of international businesses, in hundreds of cities. This means, European flights adding up to 700 times per week to get your packages delivered on time.

Importing, exporting and domestic deliveries moving at the quick pace, which keeps customers satisfied; and coming back time and time again.

If you are uncertain how Fedex can accommodate your needs, simply contact them at any of the convenient customer support areas: Contact Fedex. A representative will assist you to help you find the best possible shipping solution for your current needs. From concerns about Brexit, to shipping to new markets, Fedex has you covered. Any queries you may still have, should be directed to the Fedex Contact Number.