DHL Telephone Number

DHL is a leading, innovative company around that globe that specializes in logistics. They help keep the world moving by packing, delivering, and transporting their customer’s goods. These goods range from medical items used to save lives, to everyday items you see in the store, and regular customer packages that you may see delivered to your front door. DHL is devoted to delivering excellent customer service by exceeding the expectations of its customers.

Delivering Excellent Customer Service

DHL does not only meet its customers’ needs but they go above and beyond to exceed expectations. They are a dedicated company comprised of hardworking individuals that are committed to delivering excellent customer service. If you ever find yourself having a problem with an order, need help understanding the logistics of the company, or are looking for more information about your service you can always reach their customer service department by telephone at 02476 937770. They are available to answer questions over the telephone Monday through Friday 7 am to 8 pm and Saturday 8 am to 6 pm. You can also visit their website at if you are looking to submit an email to customer service.

In order to make sure that you do not spend all your time on the phone transferring from department to department in customer service DHL quickly and efficiently allows you to select the division, you would like to talk to. The split their teams into DHL express, DHL global forwarding, Deutsche Post International, DHL parcel / DHL eCommerce, DHL freight, and UK mail. By doing this they are able to easily connect you with one of their professional customer service representatives who can assist you with any issue you may be experiencing.

Exceeding Expectations

DHL is devoted to exceeding the expectations of both their newest and most loyal customers. They listen to concerns and ideas and use the advice of their successes and failures from their customers to come up with innovative solutions to fix everyday problems. To meet the growing demands of the business, manufacturing, and shipping needs DHL offers shipping by air, ocean, road, and railroad. There is no job too big or too small for DHL. Whatever your demands are they are sure to exceed your standards. With over 360,000 employees and serving over 220 countries DHL has a diverse background and uses the expertise of both their employees and customers to bring success to the company. They are always looking for ways to improve their business so that they can continue to compete and succeed in an ever-changing world.

Innovative Ideas

As leading mail and shipping carriers around the world, DHL is always striving to come up with innovative ideas. They are striving to have zero emissions by 2050 to help reduce pollution around the globe. They are expecting to have a role in deliveries to the moon in the future. DHL will continue to grow with the changing world as they continue to come up with successful innovative ideas to meet the needs of their customers.