Currys Telephone Number

Currys is a retailer of electronic goods and home appliances. Goods and services are offered on their online website as well as throughout their retail locations across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Televisions, gaming consoles, audio systems, kitchen appliances, delivery, and installation services are only to mention a few of what Currys offers.

Headquartered in Acton, Currys was founded by Henry Curry in 1884. Currys was far different from how it began to what it is today. In the beginning, Henry Curry built and sold bicycles. His bicycle shop grew and later moved from his first shop in Painter Street to Belgrave Gate. In 1897, Henry Curry went into partnership with his sons calling his company, H. Curry & Sons. During the transition, H. Curry & Sons decided to start selling other goods in addition to bicycles in their shop. Goods included toys, gramophones, and radios. In 1932, Currys stopped their manufacturing and production of bicycles and turned their focus on just retailing bicycles and other goods at their shop until the 1960s. It was later between the late 1960s to early 1980s that Currys had expanded and started selling televisions and home appliances to its consumers.

In 1984, Dixons Carphone acquired Currys but kept their name. Dixons Carphone is an electrical and telecommunications retailer. With the acquisition and merger, Currys is now a major retailer of digital, electronic goods, and home appliances. For those looking to telephone Currys, their customer service contact number is 0344 561 1234. For those who prefer to write Currys, their address is PO Box 1687 Sheffield S2 5YA.

As previously mentioned, Currys offers its consumers home appliances and electronic goods. Being one of the United Kingdom’s largest retailers, Currys also offers its expertise. Today, we take a look at the Currys website. Specifically, at the buying guides under help and support.

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